April 28, 2015

About us

Company profile

10100 was born in Turin in 2015, by the long experience of a group of professionals working in the ICT field since 1999. Several highly specialized figures operate in the company. They have gained their experience in large and highly competitive business environments.

But it is not only the expertise or experience to create a winning mix in 10100, we are constantly stimulated by curiosity for the new technologies. We have turned our passion into our work. We approach each project with the same curiosity of when we were kids, but now with more experience, method, and accuracy.

Our mission

10100 proposes itself as a highly competent company in the design and implementation of IT projects and the integration of systems and technologies, by providing resources, experience, passion, enthusiasm, technical and commercial know-how.

Our mission is to create high-tech software projects

We give life to your ideas, creating web and mobile applications, services and custom projects. We bring our experience, gained over years of field work from different and complex realities. We provide not only the best products, but also to assist and support companies in their choices. Each time with the latest technology. Each time with the same passionreliability and competence.

What makes us special?

We make of innovation our principle, we move quickly, and constantly challenge ourselves to improve our methods. We do not stop at ideas, but we run into problems, find solutions, and most importantly, we get results.